Terms and Conditions


Client Responsibilities

Please read carefully before returning the Acceptance of Quotation Form.

If you are physically unable to remove any large, bulky items from the work area, please let us know prior to the arrival of our operatives.

Should CS Damp Proofing Ltd be required to remove/protect any items without prior notification, an additional charge will be invoiced upon completion of works. The current charge is £60.00 including VAT.

CS Damp Proofing Ltd can accept no responsibility should any damage occur to items we need to remove from the general work area, through accident or lack of protection.

Damp Proofing Treatments
• Operatives will require as much working space as possible. We therefore ask that any rooms with walls to be treated, will be emptied and left clear of all fixtures and fittings, electrical goods, floor coverings and furniture.
• Any items which cannot be removed, must be well protected against dust and debris, and carried out under your own labour before our workmen arrive onsite.
• The treated walls should be painted with a water based matt emulsion only. Wallpaper should not be used for 12 months to allow the moisture vapour to pass through as the walls dry.

Timber Treatments
• Rooms need to be ventilated for 2-4 hours after spraying
• Ground & first floor timbers – Our operatives will require full clear access to the work area. We therefore ask that floor coverings are lifted, and any furniture, electrical goods, and fitted units are removed.
• Loft spaces & garages – Stored items will need to be removed and held away from the access area.
• Pets need to be kept out of the property for 24 hours.
• Where ceiling timbers are structurally weak, CS Damp Proofing Ltd can take no responsibility for damage to the ceiling area during the course of remedial works.

Upon completion of works, CS Damp Proofing Ltd will carry out basic cleaning and wiping down to the work area, and all debris will be removed from site. Final domestic type cleaning will be required under your own labour.
Floor coverings may need professional re-fitting by others.

Please let us know of any problems prior to the arrival of our workmen.
A call out fee of £ 250.00 plus VAT will be charged if we cannot effect an immediate start onsite. We will require access to the property, water and electricity.