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Damp Proofing Experts

✔ Qualified & certified surveyors in structural waterproofing and remedial treatments.

✔ Specialist and professional contractors with over 30 years of experience.

✔ Experts in all aspects of rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation.
Specialist survey reports and specifications for every property we view.

✔ Timber preservation experts

Our Locations

CS Damp Proofing is primarily based in Ripon, North Yorkshire. However, we also have experienced teams located in hubs across Yorkshire, Teesside and the North East. Whether you live in Darlington or Halifax, our friendly staff are ready to travel to your property, assess your requirements, and carry out the necessary specialist works or damp proofing.

Our teams have the capacity to carry out a full range of work across the region, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are in need of our damp-proofing and building work expertise.

We have regional staff in:

  • Ripon
  • Harrogate
  • Huddersfield
  • Leeds
  • Northallerton
  • Skipton
  • York

Our Services

If you’re in need of expert damp proofing assistance, CS Damp Proofing is here to help. Our experienced team of licenced damp proofing specialists provides a full range of services to customers across Yorkshire. BACKED BY GUARANTEE our Specialist works are covered long term by independent insurers.

Damp Proofing

Damp Proofing

Rising damp is an uncommon yet serious issue that can be encountered in many older buildings and properties. If left untreated, rising damp can lead to serious structural damage and major health and safety hazards.

Wet & Dry Rot

Wet & Dry Rot

Wet and dry rot are both serious problems that affect the timbers and woodwork within a home. If left untreated, wet and dry rot can spread throughout your home with the potential to cause serious structural damage.

Wood Worm

Wood Worm

Woodworm eat their way through timbers and woodwork, feeding off the cellulose and slowly working their way through your home. If left untreated, woodworm can cause timbers to decay, leaving your home structurally weakened. 

Basement Tanking

Basement Tanking

It’s self-evident why tanking is named so: in effect, a waterproof tank is created. However, its job is to keep the water out not in.

Cavity Wall Ties

Cavity Wall Ties

Cavity wall ties are used to hold inner and outer sections of a wall together, but over time they can corrode, break or fail. If this happens, walls can buckle, masonry can be damaged and the structure of a home can be compromised. 

Waterproofing & Tanking

Waterproofing & Tanking

Tanking system design and installation service, which is fully compliant with relevant British Standards and Building Regulations. 

What Our Clients Saying

Damp Proofing Testimonial 1

CS Damp Proofing stepped in when we were let down by a previous damp contractor. We were very impressed with their work. They turned up when they said they would, kept us informed of any issues, and completed the work on schedule. Corin and Shinane were friendly, polite and helpful. Highly recommended

  • Chris & Steve
Damp Proofing Testimonial 2

We were delighted by the excellent and effective work by CS Damp Proofing Ltd in removing a damp problem involving a terrace and ceiling in our house. From the initial survey to the remedial work itself everything was done with great professionalism and timeliness. The builders explained what they were doing at each stage and were courteous and sympathetic in keeping us informed. They were always conscientious in their work and left everything clean and tidy at the end. This is a company we would strongly recommend to anyone with any kind of damp problem.

  • Peter & Mary Lamarque, York

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Frequently Asked

Got any questions, just ask!


As damp proofing experts, we are specialists in detecting damp and in recommending and installing the right kind of treatments to tackle the various causes of damp in a property.

Damp proofing works by preventing moisture from entering and rising up the walls of a building.

Where there is rising damp, a damp proofing injection is a fast, efficient form of preventing moisture from continuing to spread.

It involves drilling strategic holes in the affected wall then injecting a silicon-based, damp proof cream into these holes.

The cream then permeates the masonry of the building, creating a barrier that is water-repellent.

Another damp proofing method is to install a damp proof membrane to create a barrier between a concrete sub-floor and the floor covering that goes on top of it. This barrier then stops moisture from passing from one surface to another.



Once a wall has had a damp proof course, it will then require re-plastering.

After this, there has to be a period of complete drying-out before you can decorate it.

If you are planning on permanent wallpapering, you may need to wait as long as 12 months to ensure the damp proof course is completely dry.

If, however, you are decorating using a water-permeable emulsion paint, you can redecorate once all the visible signs of damp have disappeared.

This is usually between 4 and 8 weeks.

The amount of time you need to wait can also be affected by how thick your walls are. If you are unsure, feel free to ask us!