is damp proofing expensive

Is Damp Proofing Expensive?

Date Posted 7 May 2024

Structural damp is a silent killer. As benign as it seems, it can be one of the most damning things to affect your home. Hence, it’s prudent to invest in damp treatment as soon as possible. However, the unknown costs and considerations of damp proofing often hinders many homeowners from making that early investment.

In this article, we’ll look at factors contributing to how much to damp proof a house and the process of how to damp proof a house, in relation to cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Damp Proof a House?

Every homeowner knows that their home is unique, and a similar idea applies to damp proofing. Given that every house has its own features, it’s hard to give exact figures to the question, how much does it cost to damp proof a house. For a property that hasn’t been affected by damp, it’s advised that homeowners invest in damp proofing as a preventative measure. Taking that step will demand consideration of several factors.

One of the initial factors that will determine how much to damp proof a house is the type of damp you’re protecting your home from. Essentially, there are three types of damp:

  1. Rising damp: Rising damp occurs when groundwater moves upwards and spreads throughout the walls of a building, via capillary action.
  2. Penetrating damp: Penetrating damp occurs when water located outside penetrates the house’s walls and starts to damage its interior.
  3. Condensation: Condensation occurs when warm water vapour settles on a cool surface and becomes liquid.

Each type of damp has its own treatment options, which vary in price and labour demands. Damp-proofing a house against rising damp typically requires the installation of a new damp-proof course where none was installed or the current one is damaged. The type of damp-proof course will in turn determine how invasive the installation process will be. For example, a damp-proof membrane requires clearing away soil and installing the membrane below ground level. Whereas a chemical damp-proof course requires drilling holes into the walls and injecting the chemical.

Preventative treatment for condensation and penetrating damp employs different methods. Condensation can be fixed by opening windows or using a dehumidifier. However, if the problem continues, installing double-glazed windows or vents to improve the house’s ventilation may be necessary. Fixing penetrating damp tends to rely on repairing plumbing or structural defects, such as broken tiles, cracks in the wall or degraded brickwork.

The different types of damp to which your home is vulnerable is a vital factor, though not the only one. The size of the property, as well as the age and condition of the building will affect how complex the installation is. Even factors such as the house being terraced, semi-detached or detached play a role. Therefore, asking the question how much does it cost to damp proof a house is also a question of how to damp proof a house, and the specific dimensions of your home.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Damp in a House in the UK?

As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure. And when it comes to structural damp and the question how much does it cost to damp proof a house, preventing damp is surely cheaper than fixing it.  

How much to damp proof a house that has already suffered damage will also depend on several factors, such as the extent of the damage. If the property has suffered severe damage or the damp has affected a large portion of the house, it can be expected that this will be more costly. The type of damp affecting the property will also be a factor, as an aspect of fixing damp is installing a damp-proof course so that the property will no longer be susceptible to damage.

Calculating the cost of fixing a damp-stricken home extends beyond installing a damp-proof course. It’s a combination of damp proofing and repairs to the property. A home that’s been affected by severe rising damp or penetrating damp will require a damp-proofing method, as well as replacing flooring or replastering and repainting walls. Therefore, as a homeowner you have to account for the supplies, equipment and labour of both steps. These expenses will also vary based on your geographical location, the condition of the property and the nature of the repairs.

Is Damp Proofing Expensive?

Considering the cost of supplies, labour and equipment in addition to repairing existing damage and bearing in mind the specific features of your property, the answer to how much does it cost to damp proof a house could be a significant amount.

Despite the expense, damp proofing is still a worthy investment. At its most severe, damp can render a home structurally unsound. Moreover, mould growth can stimulate breathing problems in your home’s occupants. The health and safety of your home’s residence far outweighs the expense of damp proofing.

Although it’s tempting to pursue a cheaper alternative, it’s unwise to cut corners on how to damp proof a house. This may prove to be more expensive in the long run, because an improperly installed damp-proof course could cause further damage. Furthermore, you may have to reapply new treatments and repair recurring damp damage due to previous ineffective damp proofing. A quality damp-proof course is capable of lasting decades. Therefore, as burdensome as the upfront cost will be, the investment will bear returns over time.

The key to ensuring you receive the best value for money on your property’s damp proofing needs is to hire a company with expertise and experience. Once they’ve conducted a survey of your property, they’ll be better able to guide you on the next steps to protect your home. They can advise on how to damp proof a house in the most cost-effective way.

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